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Important Announcement from Motive Power Publications

As of Friday 20 October 2017 Motive Power Publications will no longer accept renewals or new subscriptions to Motive Power magazine.


This has been a difficult and necessary business decision.

The reasons as to why are as follows:


  • Inability to offer reasonable delivery of each issue due to problems within the postal service.
  • A decrease in the number of subscriptions and renewals directly related to the ongoing postal delays.
  • An increase in time and effort needed to attend to the ongoing increase of enquiries.
  • Unsustainable pricing of postage especially to overseas markets where we are running at a loss on every air mail copy as we did not want to go over the $20.00 AUD cost.

We understand this will result in a lot of unhappy customers and a lot of questions as a result. Please read below as we answer these concerns.


Q: What is happening with Motive Power magazine?

A: The publisher has no plans in the foreseeable future to stop publishing our bi monthly product. The magazine will still roll out as usual every two months; we are simply re organizing our business to reflect the issues above.


Q: I am a current subscriber; what does this mean to me.

A: Motive Power Publications will of course honor all paid subscriptions. Magazines will still be delivered the current way, but we expect a delivery time of 1 to 3 weeks after processing.

We will be phasing out the subscription database over the next 12 months. When your subscription expires we will no longer send you a renewal notice, and your name will drop out of the database.


Q: Once my subscription expires, what are my options?

A: There are several ways to still purchase Motive Power.

  • At your local newsagency
  • At selected hobby shops.

If your local shop does not stock Motive Power, please ask them to do so.

  • Via direct mail order from Motive Power. We will setup a pre order button as each issue comes off the press.
  • Another alternative is by purchasing a PDF copy from our website.

Q: I am unable to purchase a copy locally what else can I do?

A: As above we will offer pre ordering and once an order is received we will send out within 2 to 3 business days. The cost per issue via mail will be the cover price ($11.50) or $13.50 for pictorial)

Please note that we did offer a discounted price of $9.00 per issue as part of your subscription. We are no longer able to sustain a low price hence the as per cover price policy from use direct.

Overseas customers: As noted above we have been supplying a service that was loss making for us. A whopping postage charge of $18.00 per copy out of a $20.00 AUD we charged you as part of your subscription.

Air Mail copies to the rest of the world will rise to $25.00 AUD per copy.


Q: I still want to purchase the magazine but either don’t want to go thru the website and don’t want the hassle of contacting you each issue?

A: We are offering a manual order form that can be sent back to us, that authorizes to debit your credit card each issue for the single copy price as above. This will be a continual authorization that can be cancelled any time by yourself. We will contact you if there is an issue with expiry dates etc. This will be sent out to all our subscribers in due course or can be downloaded from our website.

We would like to thank each and everyone for their ongoing support in purchasing Motive Power magazine, some of you for many years. As a very small business, we rely heavily on volunteer labour as the magazine is a very niche publication. Every effort has been put into managing the business side as well as producing each issue. Sadly we need to make some changes to ensure the longevity of the magazine and also restore some balance back into our personal lives.


Please feel free to contact us at

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